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Program Description

Ah, those lazy, hazy days of summer!  They’re a time for swimming, getting some sun, going on vacation, relaxing–and enjoying time away from school.  But they’re also a time for pursuing a passion without the competing obligations that arise during the school year.  Magdeburg Adventures provides an opportunity for just this kind of intensive engagement.  Not only that, Magdeburg Adventures does this in one of the most historically significant cities in eastern Germany.

Sessions generally run four weeks and consist of three weeks of intensive instruction in a subject in the arts and humanities (with occasional forays into other areas as well) following by a week of excursion around the former East Germany. The three weeks of instruction also include day-long excursions on the weekends and numerous activities outside of class time. All in all, time in Magdeburg provides a busy but rewarding experience with like-minded young people from many different places.